What to Consider When Selecting Wallpaper for Your Home

Hello! My name is Darren and I'm from a place called Liverpool which is in the UK. Last year, I spent a couple of weeks painting and wallpapering the interior of my home. However, I was really disappointed to discover that after a few months the wallpaper had begun to peel away from the wall and the paint had started to flake away from the wooden fixtures. I called my friend Dave who is a professional painter and decorator and he explained that I hadn't been caring for the paint and wallpaper properly. He gave me some great advice which I will share with you here.

What to Consider When Selecting Wallpaper for Your Home

27 July 2017
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It can often seem daunting for an inexperienced person to select the wallpaper that he or she should buy for his or her home from the seemingly endless variety on the market. This article discusses some practical considerations that you should bear in mind as you go shopping for wallpapers like Borastapeter wallpaper.

Ease of Application

The ease with which your chosen wallpaper can be installed is important even if you will hire someone for that task. This is because you may incur a higher labour charge for the installation of complicated wallpaper. Several factors affect how easy wallpaper may be to install. For instance, drop-match wallpapers are more demanding because the installer has to match the patterns vertically and horizontally during the installation. This is unlike random-match wallpaper patterns that don't require any special arrangement during installation.

Ease of installation is also affected by how the wallpaper adheres to the wall. For example, some wallpapers require the installer to apply paste or adhesives to the wall while others are pre-pasted so one only needs to moisten the paste prior to placing the wallpaper on the wall. The latter type of wallpaper may be easier to install than the former.

Possible Wastage

The cost of buying the wallpaper is going to be affected by how much waste is likely to be generated during the installation project. Wallpaper patterns stretch vertically for a defined number of inches before that pattern is repeated. Smaller stretches generate less waste because you will not be compelled to cut off a large section of the wallpaper and discard it once you reach the top of a wall. Longer stretches are more wasteful because large sections of wallpaper are likely to be discarded in a bid to have uniformity during the installation. The quantity of wallpaper that you will need for this wasteful type of stretch will be higher than the quantity that you will need for wallpaper with shorter stretches.

Ease of Removal

The beauty of wallpaper is that one can remove it with relative ease and replace it with different wallpaper. However, some types of wallpaper are harder to remove from the walls than others are. The easiest ones can be removed without having to use any chemicals or water. Compare the ease of removal of different wallpaper types so that you can select the one that will be easy for you to remove when that time comes.

Wallpapers are changing in so many aspects that you may need to compare several features and styles before you make your selection. Only then will you select wallpaper that will be a perfect match for your functional and aesthetic needs.